Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Recap in Pictures

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today is a picture kind of day. Enjoy my weekend recap in pics. :)

Dinner and drinks with the hubby...

A really fun 5K

Family walk

Warm and delicious soup

Christmas decorating-a few pictures from around the house. 

Yes, those are Christmas Vacation moose cups!

And finally the tree!

I love having the house all decorated for Christmas. I put up a ton of decorations all over house. I just wanted to give you guys a peek at what makes our house cozy and festive! Happy Monday!!

Have you decorated yet? 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Faves

Thank goodness it is time for the weekend!!  Happy Friday!  Did anyone else feel like this was the. longest. week. ever?!?!???  I'm linking up with Heather and Katie for Friday Faves.  As always, thank you ladies for hosting!!

Last night was my team's last Girls on the Run practice.  I am sad for the season to be over, but I am super excited for the 5K on Saturday.  The weather is supposed to be great!  For the last practice, we had a little party for the girls.  Cupcakes, fruit, and awards for each girl.  This was such a fun and rewarding experience!!  I will definitely be volunteering again next season.

I also realized yesterday that it is November and I haven't done any What I'm Thankful For posts.  Thankfully (he, he...see what I did there?), I did a Thankful Thursday post fairly recently and it covers pretty much everything. 

I do have one addition/announcement to that little sister is PREGO!!  I'm so excited and thankful that I am going to be an aunt!!

In unrelated new, I am totally addicted to StitchFix (referral link)!!  After my last fix, I changed my date to be February...well, I changed my mind and moved it up to December.  I have a shopping problem!


More unrelated are a few links that are fun:
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Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let the Wedding Recap Posts Begin...

I decided to start mixing in wedding posts with regular posts.  This way I don't kill you guys with too many at once. :)  I started getting pictures from friends, family, Facebook, etc.   I also have a few from the photographer and my disc with all of the photos is on it's way.  I am beyond excited because he got some amazing shots!

Anywho...let's start with wedding week and getting ready...

Thursday night was mani pedi night for the moms and girls.  We brought in champagne and snacks and took over the salon!  It was a great time...minus the pedicure part.  It was my first pedicure and while I love the results, pedicures will be special occasion only events!  I think I have said this before, but I hate people touching my feet.  I'm a total weirdo!

We were super lucky and got to decorate the venue on Friday afternoon.  I had so much help!  My aunt, uncle, grandparents, mom and dad, sister, and Andrea all came to help out.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner and we had a great time with our families and friends!  BBQ, gifts, and then an after party at our place with Royals, beer, and wine.   I don't have these pictures from our unofficial photographer yet, but it was a great time and I'll post them when I get them!

Saturday was all day beauty for the girls.  Hair appointments at 9am while the boys hit the golf course! Lots of champagne made the time fly by!  The boys were ready right on time and the girls...well, we were not.  That's okay though.  You can't rush beauty!

It was well worth the day of beauty (and being a little late) because everyone looked amazing!  I'm lucky to have such beautiful and awesome friends!!

Who love to have a great time!

More posts to come and I'm linking up with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud. Pop over to check out the other fun TOL posts.

Happy almost Friday!!!