Sunday, August 31, 2014

San Antonio Walking Tour

Hello all-I'm currently in San Antonio for my future sister in law's bachelorette weekend.  I arrived earlier than most of the girls, so I decided to take advantage of my time and do some site seeing.  Anne at Fannetastic Food gave me a great idea...okay, I stole her do a running tour of the city.  She did one in Paris (way better!!) and you should read all about it here.

I decided to do a self guided running tour of San Antonio since it was a random Friday and I didn't fly in until 10:30 in the morning. I ended up walking most of it because Labor Day weekend is crazy!

I started at the Alamo. I walked through it a few times as a kid, so I opted to just swing by for a few photos. 

Next up was Hemisfair Park...I walked over and checked out Tower of Americas and some beautiful fountains. 

I took went down to the Riverwalk to spend a little time people watching and checking out the beautiful scenery.  I was not disappointed!

San Fernando Cathedral is another beautiful site. I went in for a minute, but they were in the middle of a service. 

I read about this amazing restaurant and bakery called Mi Tierra that is in the middle of El Mercado. The market was so cute. So many shops and a really cute atmosphere!

My Shiner Boch and fish tacos were so good! Probably the best food the whole trip!

What was the best thing you ate this weekend? 

What was the highlight of your Labor Day weekend?

More recaps to come. :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is excited for the long weekend!!  As usual, I'm linking up with Heather, Katie, and Clare for Friday Favorites/Five Things Friday!!  Check out their blogs to see the other linkups and fun Friday posts!

I'm extra excited because I have an even longer weekend.  I'm heading to San Antonio for my brother's fiance's bachelorette party weekend.  I'm so pumped!!  I get in earlier than the girls, so I am going to explore San Antonio on my own.  Any recommendations on must see/must do/must eat in SA?  I definitely plan to go down to the beautiful!

I'm starting this week's favorites with more of a weekly recap because I had a really fun week!  :)

Monday and Tuesday nights were spent doing Fantasy Football drafts.  I'm not sure how good my teams are just yet, but the drafts were fun!

Action Shot!
Wednesday night, I went to a friends house for quesadillas and a doggie play date.  Porter had a blast playing with his dog friends.  He refused to get up to go out at lunch the next day!

Not good at sharing!
Thursday was a busy night-I got a manicure, hit happy hour and played sand volleyball...all are some of my favorite activities!! :)

I squeezed in some Pinterest time too-5 Favorite Pins
#1-I love the orange skinnies in this perfect fall outfit!! 

#2-This awesome purse (only $50!!)!!  I feel like it has some rock and roll, but is still classy.  I may or may not have already ordered it!!
#3-This crockpot filled with so many goodies is the perfect housewarming or Christmas gift!  It is so thoughtful and useful at the same time!!

#4-This amazing drink recipe from How Sweet Eats.  If you don't follow this blog, you are missing out!  Jessica is currently preggers, so this is a mocktail.  It would be fabulous as a cocktail as well!

 #5-The perfect side dish for any meal...sweet summer roasted veggies.  How amazing do those vegetables look?  So colorful and fresh and so simple!  Throw ingredients together and roast the vegetables in the oven.  

Well, I am on my way for a fun weekend!  I'll pop in with some iPhone blogging along the way.  I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!

Do you have any San Antonio tips for me? 

What are your Labor Day plans?

Is anyone racing this weekend?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Great News

Did I grab your attention?  Well, I do have some exciting news to share...a couple of exciting things have been happening in my little world. 

I was accepted as a Girls on the Run assistant coach.

Girls on the Run is a program for girls in 3rd through 5th grade.  We spend 2 days each week after school training for a 5K, but more importantly working with the girls to follow the core values.

Our Core Values 

Girls on the Run honors its core values. We strive to:
  • Recognize our power and responsibility to be intentional in our decision making
  • Embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness
  • Express joy, optimism and gratitude through our words, thoughts and actions
  • Nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • Lead with an open heart and assume positive intent
  • Stand up for ourselves and others
I love the message of girl empowerment!  If we teach our young girls to build each other up instead of tearing each other down, then the future will be a much more positive place!  At the end of the season, there is a 5K for all of the GOTR programs across the city.  It is open to the public and the girls get to complete an actual race.  "Completing a 5k gives the girls a tangible sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals. The result—making the seemingly impossible, possible and teaching girls that they can."  Imagine if we all strive to reach the impossible!!!  Check here to look for locations in your area. 

I was also picked as a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador. Girls Gone Sporty was founded by a husband and wife team, Laura and Lance Williams.  It is "an online editorial magazine and a social community for women dedicated to living and leading sporty lives. In addition to providing cutting-edge content, we’re committed to creating a support system for women who are striving to be their best selves."  I'm so excited to be an Ambassador!!  

The motto of “Live the sporty life!” is something that I try to embody.  Also, the network of positive women is amazing.  I love that it helps you to connect with other healthy living bloggers in your area as well as across the globe. I have already "met" a few of the women on social media and they are an inspiration!

Do you have any great news of your own to share?

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