Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mini Home Gym

Last night, I went to a friends house for some amazing strawberry margaritas and steak tacos.  She used recipes from  This is a new to me blog where Jessica shares all kinds of recipes.  Based on last night's dinner-her recipes are amazing!!

I took Porter along to play with the girl's dogs...he was a little worn out when we got home!

I wanted to share our mini home gym.  I am always on a budget-aren't we all???  So, I wanted to share what Bobby and I put together and why it works for us. 

Honestly, I would probably be fine with just some cardio and doing body weight exercises for my strength, but Bobby needs more weight to get a good strength workout.  I bought him the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells as a present.  They go from 2.5 pounds each to 52.5 pounds each.  They are perfect for our varying strength levels and needs.  Plus, they don't take up a ton of room.  We also have resistance bands to add some additional options for workouts. 

Instead of spending over $1000 for a treadmill, I purchased a bike trainer for around $75.  It offers varying levels of resistance and attaches to your bike.  It is a great and cheaper option to have a cardio option at home.  My only suggestion is to buy a tire specifically for the trainer because it wears down the tread on the back tire.

I went to a warehouse sale and found mats for the floor for $5 per mat.  It was a steal!  (They are normally $20 each.)  They give us an area for doing floor work-pushups, burpees, abs, etc.  Speaking of abs-I also found a really nice medicine ball at the warehouse sale.  It is 12 pounds and will be perfect for russian twists and even slam ball work.  Bobby bought a big ball to sit on for core work while we do strength training too. 

The little home gym area covers most of our needs without breaking the bank.  I still really want a treadmill for that will probably be our next purchase.

What are your home gym essentials?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I found this on an old post on Amanda's blog-Running with Spoons.  Sometimes, I will check out the "recommended posts" at the bottom of blog posts to see what my current faves blogged about in the past.  I thought this was such a fun post, that I wanted to copy/play along too. :)

A is for age: 31 for me...and loving it!

B is for breakfast today: Today, I had a lighter breakfast.  Skoop and a sandwich thin with local honey on it.  I try not to eat a ton in the mornings since I workout in the evenings...I fuel up at lunch. :)

C is for currently craving: Froyo or Ice Cream...I love them both!!

D is for dinner tonight: I am heading to a friend's house for dinner.  She is making steak tacos!!  Yummy!!  I made a corn and veggie rice side to go with it.

E is for favorite type of exercise: Running! It can be done anywhere at anytime.  I love to get out and clear my head or go for a run with friends and laugh along the way.  Bonus-it is a great workout!!

F is for irrational fear: That someone is in my backseat.  Stupid Urban Legend...I always check my rear view mirror!!  
G is for gross food:Eggplant, Olives, and Cottage Cheese are all definite no go's for me.  I'm willing to try almost anything once!

H is for hometown: Amarillo, TX-you've probably passed through there on a road trip. :)

I is for something important: Faith-it will get you through anything!

J is for current favorite jam: Pineapple Jalapeno-because what could be a better combo?!? 

K is for kids: Kids are great.  I'll be a happy and wonderful aunt someday!

L is for current location: On my couch watching the Royals on television.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: I bought floor mats and a medicine ball for our home gym tonight.  It is coming along!!

N is for something you need: I need to relax and not stress about things out of my control.

O is for occupation:  I am a boring cubicle worker at a financial institution.

P is for pet peeve: Running late-I hate to be late to places.  I feel like it is disrespectful to those you are meeting.

Q is for a quote:  None truer than this...

R is for random fact about you: I am super high strung, but I am super low maintenance.  I don't even brush my hair since I always wear it curly!!

S is for favorite healthy snack:  Apple and peanut butter is hands down my favorite healthy snack.  I never get tired of it!  

T is for favorite treat:  Chocolate-no contest!!
U is for something that makes you unique:  I have a birth mark on the inside of one of my toes.  Everyone thought it was dirt when I was a baby.  :)
V is for favorite vegetable: Corn is my fave!!

W is for today’s workout: 4 mile tempo run + a little yard work
X is for X-rays you’ve had: None-Unless you count the ones for braces...

Y is for yesterday’s highlights: Picking out new gym equipment, getting some work done in the yard, and relaxing on the couch with Bobby (my fave!)

Z is for your time zone: Central...being from and living in the Midwest...always lived in Central time. :)

Your turn...pick a letter or two and play along!! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday

I have so many treats this week!!  I have been looking forward to I am linking up with Becky for another installment of Treat Yourself Tuesday.  I really look forward to this post each week.  Check out Becky's blog to see all of the linkups and read about why it is so important to treat yourself!!

Treats-cocktail style...
Friday night was a treat to hang out with some girl friends.  Gotta love catching up over sangria!!

Saturday I was treated with several cocktail treats.  The first was at the champagne bar-a classic French 75.  The cocktail consisted of gin, lemon, simple syrup and of course champagne!

My favorite cocktail of the night was called Porgy & Bess-a simple combination of gin, celery and lime.  (Apparently I was on a gin kick!)  It was light, refreshing, and not too sweet.  All right up my alley! 

Treats-Pampered style...
I treated myself to a home pedicure on Sunday night.  My feet definitely were rough after playing sand volleyball on Saturday.  I don't like for anyone to touch my feet, so I am opposed to pedicures at a salon.  I like to have my toenails painted though...this means that I have to do my own...and I'm pretty terrible at it!  Luckily fun colors and cute shoes make up for lots of errors. :)

With my toes all ready to go, I needed to clean up my nails.  I treated myself to a manicure with a friend on Monday night.  My nails are actually growing out too!!  Yippee!

Treats-Random style...
I decided to start reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn since I just wrapped up Sharp Objects.  So far, I really enjoy the book.  It has more of a Gone Girl feel to it.  I think I already know the outcome, but I'm hoping there will be some twists and turns that I don't expect.  I'll do a full recap when I finish...but for now...I'm definitely glad that I started reading it!

I also treated myself to a new to me tea place called t. Loft.  It is next door to my Bar Method studio, but it closes by the time I am out of class.  I had a few minutes before my mani, so I popped in and grabbed a tea.  So many choices.  I ended up trying the passion fruit jasmine tea.  Not too sweet and not too earthy. Really good tea! They also have some great juice options that I really want to try!  This may become a regular stop for me.

The tea looked like tea, so I took a picture of the awesome swing that I now really want for m house instead...

Name 2 ways that you have treated yourself lately.