Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shoulder Injury Advice?

I actually hit the treadmill yesterday. I alternated between running fast and walking at a 4.5 mph pace with a 7 incline. It was a good booty workout! My legs were more tired than I thought when I got to volleyball. Whoops! I think I should stick to easier runs on Wednesdays. Anyways, I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and it came out to 3.29 miles.

I posted about my post run diet coke fiasco last night.  I settled for puppy snuggles and kisses followed by couch time with Bobby.

My shoulder has been bothering me a lot the past couple of weeks.  I thought I was just sore from volleyball, but Porter tried to rip my arm out of socket on our Saturday walk.  I decided some ice was in order.  Thank you Bobby for helping!!  I'm not very good at nursing injuries.

What did you do for your workout last night?

How do you recover from an injury/soreness?  I haven't had shoulder pain I am open to suggestions.

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