Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hike and Zip

Saturday afternoon we went to a brand new zip line place that opened about 45 minutes outside of KC. They have several options and we chose the hike and zip option. 

Once we got all of our gear on, we got on a bus for a quick drive to our drop off spot. 

The hiking was more of walking very short distance between zip lines. The first was pretty slow and a great starter for those in the group who had never done zip lining and were a little nervous. 

Nerves gone!! Off to the next 2 lines. 

The last was the fastest and most fun. It was definitely a fun and different experience. They have a tree top line tour as well with much higher and faster lines and there are 5 zips. I think we will try that next time!! 

Have you ever been zip lining? 

Do you have any fun and adventurous activities near you? It's so fun to try new stuff. Bonus-exercise and adventure!!


  1. Ziplining is on my list of stuff to do for this summer!!! And the place near us, has a groupon out there, so even MORE reason to go!

    1. Groupon is definitely the way to go!!! You will have a blast! :)