Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!  I'm linking up with the girls again for Five Things/Friday Favorites.  Thank you Heather, Katie, and Clare for hosting Friday linkups!! Be sure to check out their blogs and the other links to see what people are up to this Friday.

#1-I went to see Chef with some girlfriends on Wednesday night.  It is a great movie!!  If you haven't seen it, you definitely should go before it is out of the theaters.  Great cast and really a fun and feel good movie!!

#2-I worked from home this week and watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black.  I'm starting to really like the show!!  I was disappointed in the first 2 episodes, but it keeps getting better!!  I can't wait to see what happens next.  I'm going to be so sad when I watch the first 2 seasons and have to wait like everyone else for the next one to come out.  Bobby and I started watching Hemlock Grove.  I really like it, but it is really complicated and a little hard to follow at first.

#3-I'm really excited for tonight.  I'm meeting some girlfriends for happy hour at a tapas bar called La Bodega.  It is a local KC restaurant that has great food!  When 2 of your friends can get a sitter and come out, then you have to go and catch up!!  I found this great quote on the restaurant website while checking out the menu: "Tapas is a way of life. It signifies leisure, camaraderie and good humor."

#4-Our new Bowflex adjustable weights came in this week!  My intention was for them to be a surprise 5 year anniversary present for Bobby.  I didn't think it all the way through though...when the box was delivered, it weighed 120 pounds.  I can't move that much weight very far.  I barely got it inside our house!  So I just told him surprise and happy early anniversary when he got home.  Then he got to carry them downstairs to the gym area. :)  Our home gym is slowly, but surely coming together.  Once we have a treadmill, I am set!
The cat really enjoyed having the box in the living room.  He sat on it all night. :)

#5-Speaking of spoiled animals, Porter is rotten!!  When I come home for lunch, he acts like it is such a chore to get off the bed to come greet me.  I found him with a pillow under his head yesterday.  I have to admit it is pretty adorable! 

Is anyone watching Hemlock Grove?  What do you think about it?

What do you think are the top 3 "must haves" for a home gym?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. We have those weights too - they are GREAT! And I haven't gotten into Orange is the new black but it is on my to-watch list!! And tapas are my favorite!! Enjoy. :) Happy Friday, thanks for linking up.

    1. Tapas were delicious! I love getting to try so many things in one sitting. :)

  2. Someone just told me about Chef and I can't wait to see it!

    1. It is such a happy movie. It is great for a random week night!