Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday

I have so many treats this week!!  I have been looking forward to sharing...so I am linking up with Becky for another installment of Treat Yourself Tuesday.  I really look forward to this post each week.  Check out Becky's blog to see all of the linkups and read about why it is so important to treat yourself!!

Treats-cocktail style...
Friday night was a treat to hang out with some girl friends.  Gotta love catching up over sangria!!

Saturday I was treated with several cocktail treats.  The first was at the champagne bar-a classic French 75.  The cocktail consisted of gin, lemon, simple syrup and of course champagne!

My favorite cocktail of the night was called Porgy & Bess-a simple combination of gin, celery and lime.  (Apparently I was on a gin kick!)  It was light, refreshing, and not too sweet.  All right up my alley! 

Treats-Pampered style...
I treated myself to a home pedicure on Sunday night.  My feet definitely were rough after playing sand volleyball on Saturday.  I don't like for anyone to touch my feet, so I am opposed to pedicures at a salon.  I like to have my toenails painted though...this means that I have to do my own...and I'm pretty terrible at it!  Luckily fun colors and cute shoes make up for lots of errors. :)

With my toes all ready to go, I needed to clean up my nails.  I treated myself to a manicure with a friend on Monday night.  My nails are actually growing out too!!  Yippee!

Treats-Random style...
I decided to start reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn since I just wrapped up Sharp Objects.  So far, I really enjoy the book.  It has more of a Gone Girl feel to it.  I think I already know the outcome, but I'm hoping there will be some twists and turns that I don't expect.  I'll do a full recap when I finish...but for now...I'm definitely glad that I started reading it!

I also treated myself to a new to me tea place called t. Loft.  It is next door to my Bar Method studio, but it closes by the time I am out of class.  I had a few minutes before my mani, so I popped in and grabbed a tea.  So many choices.  I ended up trying the passion fruit jasmine tea.  Not too sweet and not too earthy. Really good tea! They also have some great juice options that I really want to try!  This may become a regular stop for me.

The tea looked like tea, so I took a picture of the awesome swing that I now really want for m house instead...

Name 2 ways that you have treated yourself lately.

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