Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #32

I'm linking up for another Treat Yourself Tuesday.  If you haven't heard of TYT, pop over to Becky's blog to check out why it is so important to treat yourself!!  I can't believe that I have been doing this post for 32 weeks!!  I think this weekly post has made me see the good in each week-even when the treats are small. 


Some of the small treats are the best.  One of my favorite treats from the weekend was lots of puppy time.  Bobby was out of town, so Porter and I snuggled on the couch...and it was so nice to relax!!  

It has been raining a ton, so Bobby and I did a strength workout inside on Monday night.  It has been great to spend time with Bobby and actually use our little gym area.  I haven't been lifting much over the summer, so I will definitely be sore!!

To offset the workouts, I bought a new pumpkin beer to try.  Pumpkick from New Belgium.  I really like pumpkin beers, so I am excited to try this new (to me) pumpkin beer. 

I got my October Stitchfix (referral link) and only ended up keeping this Laurel Faux Leather Trim Draped Cardigan.  It was a little more than I wanted to spend ($74.00), but I loved the fit and that it was so soft! I sent back a dainty bracelet (it was just okay and not worth the $28 price tag), 2 shirts that were super flowy (they looked too boxy and were too big), and a pair of skinny jeans (which I probably would have kept, but I just bought the black ones last week and they were a little too expensive).

What is your favorite pumpkin beer?

Do you Stitchfix?  How was your October fix?

What is one treat from this week?

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  1. LOL - I love offsetting the workout with a beer ;) My kinda gal! And that SF cardigan - LOVE. It looks so good on you!