Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

Here we go into another week. This weekend flew by!  I have a feeling this month is just going to fly many things to do, but so little time!!


I had my makeup trial on Friday night. I wore my hair in a ponytail and tried to dress down because we were meeting friends at a bar to watch the Royals game.

I loved the makeup! I think it will be perfect once I have her add fake lashes!! 

Just for fun, here is a picture of my adorable Royals pup!  He was a really good sport and just wore the shirt all night. :)

Saturday was filled with so many errands.  The highlights were the farmers market and IKEA. We hit the farmers market to buy great stuff to feed Bobby's family and IKEA to buy an island for our kitchen. IKEA is a crazy place!! If you have never been, plan to spend at least an hour and a half to make it through. It was quite an experience!!  The setup in so interesting...I felt like a cow being funneled through.  Thank goodness the end is a warehouse where you find what you want and checkout. 

The island turned out even better than I imaginged!! I painted the bottom turquoise before we put it together. I totally love it!!

We had friends over on Saturday night. The boys smoked some ribs and pork tenderloin. It came out smokey and amazing!!! The pictures do not do it justice. 

Sunday was family day. We started with a quick 3 mile family run. Porter was one tired pup after the run.

We went to Bobby's parents house to celebrate his moms birthday. Farmers market veggies and pasta came together for a light and yummy lunch. 

Followed by mini cupcakes!!! The pumpkin flavor stole the show today. 

What was the highlight from your weekend?

Have you ever been to IKEA?


  1. Oh IKEA. How I hate you and love you all at the same time. The trick is to go right when they open. That way, you're done your shopping and can go out for lunch by the time the crowds starting rolling in! ~Ree

    1. Saturday afternoon was definitely a bad decision!! Next time, I will go early and on a Tuesday or something.

  2. Your makeup looks gorgeous! Those ribs look ridiculous!!
    The highlight of my weekend was a girls trip to Chicago, it was awesome. I've never been to IKEA, but I think I need to, just to say I did!

    1. Girls trips are so fun!! That is definitely a great highlight!

  3. That island is so cute! I haven't been to the new one here in KC yet, but I have been once before in Houston. I love seeing our whole city in blue, it makes it feel like we are all a big Royals family :)

    1. I totally agree! I love how the city has united!! :)

  4. What a busy and fun weekend. Your trial makeup for the wedding looks BEAUtiful! Hooray! (I love it when someone else does my makeup). And yes, I love IKEA, I've been a fan for years. I remember feeling like a cow being herded through a maze... I've since learned that if I can avoid IKEA on the weekend, I'll make it happen. Your new kitchen piece is beautiful and a great color!