Wednesday, November 19, 2014

12 To Do's of the Holidays

I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet and this post is way too early, but I can't help myself!  I love all things Christmas!  I came up with a holiday must do list which works for whatever holiday one might celebrate.

#1-Take Holiday Card Photos and Send Out Cards
Last year we wrapped Porter in lights and took a few photos.  It was fun and made for a cute little card to send out.  Whether it is via email, Facebook, or mail, it is fun to put together and send to your friends and family.  This year I created a Christmas card with wedding photos to mail out. 

#2-Put up Decorations
I just love the way our home looks when it is all decorated.  It feels so festive and fun!  We watch Christmas movies and make a night of decorating.

#3-Create a Christmas Craft
There are so many cork crafts, wine bottle crafts, do you see a pattern??  I usually use wine bottles and corks, but there are lots of fun crafts all over Pinterest!

#4-Shop for Everyone on Your List
This can be fun and stressful.  I love shopping for others, but the crowds totally stress me out!

#5-Watch Elf and Christmas Vacation
I love smiling, smiling is my favorite! -Elf

#6-Bake Goodies and Share Them
Some people are great at baking and can even share them as gifts.  I am not one of those people.  I love to EAT ALL THE TREATS, but believe don't want any baked goods from me.  :)

#7-Build a Gingerbread House
See above about treats-I don't bake any of the gingerbread, but it is fun to buy kits.  Trader Joe's has a cute one. 

#8-Donate Toys to Children in Need
Nothing feels better than helping people in need.  It is so easy to pick up an extra toy or two when you are out and about.  

#9-Holiday Manicure
Sparkly red time of the year for a holiday mani and pedi!

#10-Wrap Present
 Or have them wrapped...either way, it is great to have presents under the tree!

#11-Build a Snowman
 Or if you are lucky enough not to have snow...just count your blessings and watch Frozen.

#12-Try a New Holiday Beverage
One of the best things about cold weather is that even the beverages are treats!  I think I will try an Eggnog Latte from Starbucks this year. 

What is on your holiday to do list? 
Do you do any holiday crafts?
What is your favorite holiday beverage?

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