Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Mustache You a Question

I Mustache You Some Questions

Have you seen this fun survey making the rounds in the blogosphere?  I was super excited when Marnie tagged me to take part.  I was so excited to be tagged because this survey is pretty cool!  If you haven't been tagged, consider this your tag.  Everyone should participate!!

The Mustache Questions!
Four names that people call me, other than my real name (Leslie): 
Les Les
Coach Leslie (Girls on the Run)
Babe (really only from Bobby)

Four jobs that I have had:
Hawker at a farm league baseball team-I got fired because my shorts were too short
Hostess/Waitress/Bartender at a Mexican Restaurant
Assistant in the Trust Department at a bank
System Specialist
Four movies I have watched more than once:
Mary Poppins-my fave movie as a kid!
Elf-the best Christmas movie
Steel Magnolias
Four books I'd recommend:
Hunger Games trilogy (only counting this as one because it is such a fast read!)
The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations-it is a great daily devotional book for a 10 minute morning pick me up!
Waiter Rant-really funny, especially if you have ever been a server!
Gone Girl
Four places I have lived:
Amarillo, Texas
Kansas City-Kansas and Missouri and several suburbs
That is it...I have moved around a lot in those 2 cities, but I haven't lived anywhere else

Four places I have visited:
All over the US
Both sides of Mexico
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico (yes, I know this is US too)
Four places I'd rather be right now:
On a beach anywhere!
Curled up by the fire with a blanket sipping hot cocoa
Hanging with my family-doesn't matter the location
Running somewhere that is not freezing!
Four things I don't eat:
Green Beans
Beats-I'll eat them, but they are not my fave
Smoked salmon
Four of my favorite foods:
Anything Mexican
Steak and mashed potatoes
Mac and Cheese

Four TV shows that I watch:
Top Chef
American Horror Story
Grey's/Scandal/How To Get Away With Murder 

Four Things I Am Looking Forward to in the Upcoming Year:
Becoming an aunt
Vacations to Myrtle Beach with my family and Mexico for a friend's wedding
Not having to plan a wedding
Running outside in the spring 

Four Things I'm Always Saying:
Porter, No!
Good puppy! (I talk to my dog a lot!!)
I would love to do ... (I really can't say no when people ask me to do stuff)
Definitely (I say this waaaayyyy too much.) 

Your turn...chose a couple and answer. :)


  1. I love that you told us why you got fired as a hawker. That is too funny!
    I love Bridesmaids. One of my favorite movies to watch when I'm feeling down.
    I love Mexican food, too. Ironically, I eat more of it now that I live in Denver than when I lived in San Diego, which has some of the best options for fish tacos out of anywhere in the world (besides Mexico).

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. I was only 15 and they did not like me very much, so that was the reason. To this day, it is the only job that I have been fired from. I am hungry for fish tacos! :)

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I hope it was full of family and food!

  2. I love these posts! I need to do one b/c I keep reading everyone else's and I love getting to "know" my blog friends. I'm already looking forward to spring runs too. haha. Shorts that are too short? That is hilarious.

    1. You definitely need to do a post! It was really fun to put together. Some of the questions are hard to narrow down to 4. And yes-totally fired because my shorts were too short. Whoopsy!