Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another weekend is in the books and it flew by!!  I even started it a little early by working from home on Friday.  I had a very adorable assistant while I was working.


After Porter and I wrapped up our work for the day, I hit the bike for a little bit and cleaned up the house.  Then I went to meet a couple of girlfriends for a fun night out.  We started with cocktails, great conversation, and some sushi. I was so busy chatting that I didn't take any food photos.  Whoopsy!


Next up was a pop up boutique store.  Lots of local artists and merchants setup booths inside a closed store.  There was lots of great stuff!  I ended up buying a dog toy and a shirt for Bobby.  We only had an hour to get through everything, so again no photos.  Shopping > Pics.  

I did get a picture of the end of the night cocktail though.  It was a coffee cocktail...which is the perfect ending to a winter girls night out.  Plus, it was on fire!!  Warning-do not try to make this at home!

Saturday was a fun day.  Bobby was honored at his Alma Mater for holding some school track records.  All of the former athletes were called out individually and went on the field at half time.  His parents also went to Baker University, so they went with us.  Billy came to support Bobby and have some fun watching football too.

It was also the first real snow of the season.  Big flakes for a little bit, but nothing stuck around.  We bundled up and brought blankets.  We all stayed fairly warm and Bobby had fun being honored. 


We didn't get enough football on Saturday, so we went to the Chiefs vs Seahawks game on Sunday.  Early morning tailgating with friends is a fun start to any Sunday!!  Below freezing temps required bundling up again, but we had a tent and little heater for the tailgate.  We actually were all pretty warm!

We had great seats, courtesy of my friend Kristi.  It's hard to beat 18 rows up on the 25 yard line.  Our original seats were lower level end zone (which is a super fun section too), but she had some extra tickets in her section.  Upgrade! 


It was a great game with a Chiefs win!!

After the game, we went home to thaw out and relax a little bit before heading into this week.  Lots of football and fun this weekend.  I can't believe it is already mid November!

Has it snowed where you live?
What did you do this weekend?


  1. I watched the Chiefs-Seahawks game and was thinking of you sitting in the stands. It was a great game! Looks like you had another great weekend!

    1. It was a great game and the sun came out to warm us up! :)

  2. Your girls night out sounds like so much fun. A drink on fire? That is awesome!
    You are brave for being out in that cold! We got our first snow today, it's horrible. I ran a 5k this weekend. Lots of fun, but I'll be glad when Spring gets here! :)

    1. We were cold, but having lots of layers and hand and foot warmers was helpful!! I definitely can't wait for Spring!! :)