Tuesday, January 20, 2015

TYT #43-Colorado Recap

MLK weekend was a fun and busy one.  I was so excited to be invited out to Colorado to stay at my BIL's parent's condo.  We had a great time in Colorado over the long weekend.  Billy and the ladies hit the road early Friday morning.  I knew it was going to be a great weekend when this was our view from the condo.

I'm not sure we brought enough wine and snacks!  We had 5 girls stay on Friday night, 4 on Saturday night, and 5 again on Sunday night...so much wine and champagne!  We ended up leaving a little bit behind for our next trip.

Cheers to arriving and getting settled in!!

Billy drove us to Colorado and then headed to a friend's bachelor party.  Here he is sporting some sweet 80's snow gear that we found at the condo and his snowboard.

Saturday morning called for a deliciously spicy bloody mary.  The Happy Cooker is a cute little restaurant in Georgetown.

3 of the girls hit the slopes on Saturday for a little snowboarding.  You can tell they are pros by the photo sitting in the snow. :)

While they were snowboarding, Andrea and I hit the Georgetown shops.  We found some amazing hats!

After shopping and hitting the mountain, we had a few snacks and a champagne toast. 

These sweet napkins made the table scape!  So fancy!

We cleaned up a little and headed to dinner.  There are only a few restaurants in Georgetown.  Luckily Lucha-formerly The Ram has delicious food and lots of options!


We headed to the mountains for a little shopping on Sunday.  The view from the car was amazing.  I love snowy mountains!

  After a little shopping, we headed to Pug Ryan's for some local beers and football.  Great appetizers and craft beers!

A cozy fire, more wine, and lots of laughs!  What more do you need??  It was such a fun and relaxing get away.

This weekend was such a treat.  Spending time with friends, visiting a new to me city in Colorado, and fantastic views=fabulous treats!!  I'm linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday to celebrate the great weekend!


  1. Looks like such an amazing weekend!

  2. that wine assortment is IMPRESSIVE

    1. It was a lot of wine!! We ordered cases from Naked Wines and they sent a great assortment. :)

  3. Wow what a great weekend! I love going up to the mountains, too. Although I live in Colorado, I live near Denver (east of the mountains), so it's always a treat to go up there to get a change of scenery. Your weekend looks like it was TONS of fun. What a getaway!

  4. Hey- we had to sit for that snowboarding picture because we were going WAY TO FAST otherwise!! ;)