Saturday, November 9, 2013

60+ degrees and sunny

It's an amazing day!! We took advantage of it by meeting a friend for a 5 mile run. The trail is so pretty in fall. Definitely my favorite time of year to run. 

After our run we went for coffee-PSL for me of course! Then we went to the farmers market. There was a jazz band playing and the atmosphere was lively. The market will only be open for another week or two so the vendors are wrapping up. 

A friend of mine recently was diagnosed with diabetes. She had a stint in the hospital and is feeling a little overwhelmed with the diagnosis. I decided to buy her a cookbook and make dinner to take over tomorrow. I hope I don't mess it up! 

Thankful day 9-I'm thankful for having 4 seasons. I always joke that I want to live in a tropical location, but I wouldn't want to miss spring and fall!! 

Does anyone have a good recipe for diabetics?  

What's your favorite season?

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