Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Sunday

Today is day 10 of thanks. Today I'm thankful for Sundays. I love lazy Sundays!! Especially during football season! We usually go to church, have lunch with my boyfriends family, run a couple of errands, and then come home to relax. 

Today we got up early and visited a church nearby. Bobby's dad is the head pastor at our church, but when he has days off we go to other churches in the area. This church is huge! The sanctuary is an auditorium. The main thing I noticed about this church is the warmth and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone was cheerful and friendly! The service was great too. 

I'm making a buffalo chicken casserole for dinner. It's quite involved, so I hope it tastes good. Pics to come tomorrow. :) 

Last night we went to a friends house for a s'mores party! It was a blast. Ping pong, Thai chilli soup, friends and great conversation and of course s'mores! I did a terrible job of taking photos, but I did get a couple of the girls. 

We even took the pup who was being very sweet. Snapped this before we left. Bobby was thrilled to have his photo taken!! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! What do you do on Sundays? Favorite football team?

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