Monday, November 25, 2013

Things I am Thankful for...I'm WAAYYY behind...

So I was looking back at old blog posts and I haven't done a things I am thankful for since November 14th. That means that I have 11 things to catch up.

#1-I'm thankful that I'm engaged. He did it perfectly! It was a surprise, he asked my dad, and he planned it
so it was personal for the 2 of us.

#2-I'm thankful for my Kansas City family. From the moment I met Bobby's family, they welcomed me in and treated me like one of them. His sister Andrea and I have become best friends and his mom and dad are fantastic!!

#3 & #4-I'm thankful for Crystal Light. I do NOT like water. I would start my day with a Diet Coke before I found out that I really do like Crystal Light. I know it is not the best choice for a drink throughout the day, but it is better than not getting hydrated at all!! :) My favorite flavor is Peach Mango. I literally start every morning with a glass in my favorite cup!!  My mom got me this Tervis cup last Christmas and I LOVE it!!  I left it at a friend's house for a week and was so sad each day when I didn't have it to drink from. 


Also, my favorite cup!!
 #5-My Texas girls.  I have been friends with these 2 girls since I was a little kiddo.  We have been through so much and are still friends.  I don't know many people who keep in touch with their childhood friends, but I can't imagine my life without them!!  Don't mind the fact that I am orange in this pic.  I had been spray tanning and looked terrible!!  I can't believe no one told me that I was ORANGE. 

#6-My friend Carla.  She was my Kansas City mom from the day I met her daughter.  She is fantastic.  We all travel together.  Our trip to Oregon was to visit her sister.  I'm going to Vegas with her and my 2 adventure girls in March.  She also has invited me to various holidays when I couldn't go see my family and just been very supportive through the past 10 years.  My life in Kansas City is definitely better because I have her in it!

Teaching Carla how to take a selfie in Oregon.

#7-Wine-I love wine...all kinds!  That is all!

#8-My sister is the greatest girl in the whole world.  She is super girly and funny and adorable!  She keeps us grounded and laughing constantly.  You need a little girly-ness to balance the rest of us out.  She is also so thoughtful and considerate.  She reallys cares about others feelings and makes sure to make everyone feel special.  In a family of non-feeling jock people, she is the heart for us all! 

Getting ready for Beyonce!  (AMAZING concert if you haven't seen her!!)
#9-I'm thankful for my faith.  I love having a grounded life in God.  It is nice to be able to turn to him for anything-big or small, good or bad.  I definitely am not the perfect Christian, but I strive to be better and better each day! 

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#10-Volleyball-I love playing volleyball even though I think I am getting worse!!  This summer, I was playing in 2 sand leagues and 1 indoor leage during one of the sessions.  It is just a fun way to exercise and feel young again...and sometimes old after a particularly tough game!!

#11-Last one for today.  I am thankful for the blogs, websites, and cookbooks with healthy options for great food!  I have mentioned before.  Her blog is fantastic and has so many options.  I also love Eating Well-the magazine and website.  Ellie Krieger is a fantastic chef and her cookbook is great!  I love trying recipes from all of these places.  I don't think I have made anything bad yet!!

I hope everyone is remembering to be thankful during this time of the year.  It is sad that it is just one month of the year!  We should all try to be thankful each day for something.  Do I smell a New Year's Resolution on my horizon!?!?!?  :) 

Happy Monday...I hope it is a great start to your week!

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