Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's My Friday and Day 26 of Thanks

Today is my Friday for the week! Tomorrow we set out with the goon for a 9+ hour drive to Texas to see my family. I'm excited to see everyone and hang out and Porter gets to meet his puppy cousins!! Just for fun, here are some recent puppy pics.
This stick is just my size!

Just rolling around on the floor...

Hi Mom, please pet me!

So today I am thankful for Pinterest!  Not only would I have an amazing wardrobe, be super fit, and have an amazing wedding if all of my boards came true, but I would be an excellent chef as well.  I really do love pinning fun things.  Today I tried out a hairstyle I found.  I have made lots of recipes and even found some cute outfit inspirations.  I also have made some of the crafts.  The easy ones, of course!

Braid at crown of head...kinda fun!
Since Pinterest is kind of something silly, I am doing a 2 for 1 today.  I am also thankful for holiday treats!  Bobby and I bought a mini Tippins pie-carmel apple flavored!  He has eaten 3/4's of it by himself, but I managed to sneak a bite in last night.  It is wonderful!  I hope I can have some of the last piece!!  My future mother in law makes the BEST sugar cookies.  I don't know how she does it, but they are amazing!  Everyone loves them and always wants a batch for themselves.  She and Andrea baked on Sunday for Thanksgiving.  Since we are going out of town, I was hoping we would still get some.  Not only did we get a few to have for the week, we got a whole tupperware full to take with us to Texas!!  Yipppeeeee!!!

What is your favorite holiday treat?

Have you tried any fun Pinterest ideas?  Success or Fail? 
***If you love pinterest, you should check out Pintester's blog.  She is HILARIOUS!! She tries out various pins and lets you know how it goes.  (usually fail)***

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