Friday, November 8, 2013

Wonderful Fall Weather

Yesterday was a beautiful day! 50+ degrees and sunny! After a week of dreary rain, it was a welcomed change. My boyfriend Bobby and I went for a run after work. He got off early for a change so it was a great day for it. We rarely run together since our schedules don't match up and even when we run at the same time, our paces are so different that we just run on our own and meet up after we are done.

Yesterday, I felt great and started off fairly fast. Usually he catches me around halfway on short runs and beats me by a lot...not yesterday! Wahoo!! It is fun to beat him since #1-he is a poor sport about it and #2-it is a real confidence boost! I would not have run so fast if he wasn't behind me though. Having someone chase you is great motivation!!

The picture below is a race that we did together earlier in the year. It is blurry, but yes-that is a juggler next to me!! I ended up beating this guy, but I was so impressed with his talent!!

After our quick run, we took the pup for a walk. He loves playing in all of the leaves and I have a lot of fun picking up handfuls and tossing them at him. I met a few friends for happy hour and came home to relax and watch some football and tv.

Today I am thankful for fantasy football. It is so much fun to have an imaginary team. This year, I am second to last in one league and in the lower middle of the other. Not a great year for me, but it is still fun!

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