Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Festivities continue...

Sunday we introduced the puppy to snow. He was more interested in the stick he found, but it was still pretty cute. 

We went to a friends house for dinner and hanging out. It was so fun. They made us some wonderful treats and their daughter made the bag for us. It was so cute! She did a great job coloring it. :)

Andrea brought over the cookies from our engagement party/cookie exchange party. It was perfect because we didn't really eat many on Saturday. 

We also had some eggnog and baileys. It was delicious!! I am not really an eggnog fan, but the Baileys makes it amazing!!

The puppy got to play with 3 other dogs. He had so much fun running around with the big dogs. He was worn out when we got home. He passed out!! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

Happy Monday

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