Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monthly couples date

Last night we had our monthly couples date with 2 sets of our best couple friends. 

Since I commission my work fantasy football league and one of the other guys does our friend league, we get a commissioner card to Fox and Hound. It is a great deal! The day of the draft, you get $50 in free food for your group and then the commissioner gets a $25 credit each month for Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec. 

Stella was the beer of the month so that's what I ordered. It was delicious and I really love the Stella glass. 

My friends got us the cutest coaster set. You make your own with wine corks!! So fun and a great way to keep the special corks. 

Do you keep wine corks? If you keep them, do you use them for crafts?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve!!!  

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