Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Feeling Crafty!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Upper 50's and sunny and probably the last nice day of the year. It is supposed to get super cold today and stay that way for awhile. Bobby and I went for a quick run last night to take advantage of the fantastic weather. We are both feeling out of shape, so a nice and easy 3 miles was all we wanted to tackle. Porter helped us recover when we were finished.

I made steak toastadas for dinner before heading over to a friends for wine cork Christmas crafts! Whenever we go to this lady's house, we always open a super old bottle of wine to try out. They have a bunch from my friend's grandparents and they are fun to try. Last night we opened 2 bottles-1 was bad and the other was a really good Bordeaux. You can see it in the collage of crafts. We decided to make some ornaments that we found on Pinterest (where else??).

I made 6 total...

This one was my favorite!
Do you have any crafts that you do each year?
Is it getting cold for everyone?

Happy Hump Day!!

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