Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So I love Christmas-decorating, cookies, crafts, family time, Christmas Eve service, picking out gifts for people...all of it!  Usually I put up Christmas decorations the week of Thanksgiving.  I know you are supposed to wait until after, but I always get excited and put them up early.  This year I waited until Sunday when we got back from Texas.  My grandparents passed away last year, so I knew I was getting some decorations that I requested from their house.  I wanted to wait to see how they fit and worked before putting stuff up.  I made a collage of some of the decorations instead of putting up a million pics!  The table scape at the top was all hand made by my grandmother.  I l ove the vintage feel of it...because it truly is vintage!

Just a few shots...my entire apartment looks like Christmas exploded!

After decorating the apartment, I decided the animals should get in on it too!!  Porter was such a good sport.  He sat there and let me wrap him in lights.  Stout on the other hand was not a fan of being wrapped in a scarf. 

Did you decorate for Christmas early this year?
What is your favorite decoration?
Do you dress up your pets?  Or am I the only crazy one who does that? :)

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