Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shopping success

Last night I did a little shopping before my volleyball game. I got all of the donations for Bobby's work Christmas drive. We donated some warm hats, scarfs and gloves and some books and puzzles. The fun part is the toys though!! 

I also got the puppy's presents. The frisbee will be interesting. His eye mouth coordination is still a work in progress!! 

This is him helping me get ready this morning... 

I also got our cat and my future nephew cat their presents. These were too cute to pass up! Plus my future sister in law just happens to LOVE leopard!! 

I also found these gems in the dollar bin at Target. I know I have mentioned this before, but that is my absolute favorite part of target!! I'm not sure who they are for yet, but some lucky individual will be receiving them this Christmas! :)

After volleyball I was in the mood for diet coke. I know, I should drink water, but diet coke seemed like the perfect way to cap off the night. Plus it is the last volleyball game of 2013!!

Don't worry, I didn't drink the whole 2 liter. Just one glass. 

Do you donate toys and winter clothes each year?

What is your best find in the Target dollar bins?

Favorite treat drink? Non alcoholic that is. ;)

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