Friday, January 31, 2014

5 Things Friday #2

It was fun to do 5 Things Friday last week, so I decided to keep it going.

#1-I should not be allowed on treadmills!! My towel flew off the back so I jumped off to get it. When getting back on, I scraped my shin on the belt. Who does that?!?! Treadmill burn! At least I didn't fall off!!  Sorry for the blinding whiteness of my leg too.  My legs haven't seen the sun in awhile.

#2-Porter is finally learning to play better with other dogs.  He normally annoys them and they try to run away from him.  Jaxon is a large and patient pup, but he put Porter in his place Wednesday.  It was really cute.  Jax took Porter's stick and wouldn't share, so what does Porter do?!?!  He decided to just play in the grass next to Jaxon.  It was adorable!

#3-I missed happy hour last night with the Moose Club gang.  It is a tradition to have a beer wherever you are on Thursday and "tele-moose" if you have to miss.  I didn't have any Stella's at home, so I had to improvise.  At least I didn't miss out!!

#4-Why did I miss happy hour?  Kansas City Royals Fan Fest is this weekend.  Bobby's parents were invited to the sneak peek and we all got to go.  The boys were very excited and even played some of the games.  There were players everywhere and it wasn't crowded at all. 

#5-Who is excited for the Super Bowl this weekend?  I am, I am!!  Since I went to a Seahawks game this year, I am cheering for them.  I even have a t-shirt that I bought for the game.  I'm totally going to look like a legit fan! 

I love trying out new recipes for Super Bowl time.  It is a great opportunity to test out appetizer recipes that I wouldn't make for just Bobby and I.  This year I am making a veggie and dip platter and Bacon Cheddar and Jalapeno Pinwheels. 

Who are you cheering for on Sunday? 

What is your favorite appetizer recipe?  Football or any party.

Has anyone else had a treadmill mishap?  I can't be the only person. :)

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