Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comfy and Cozy Tuesday

Tuesday was pretty uneventful. I went to the gym for some speed work. I only got through 2 miles before I got a phone call. I'm on call so I have to keep my phone on me and I have to answer. I managed to squeeze in one more mile after answering the call.

I managed to handle everything over the phone so I could run a couple of errands before heading home. I couldn't get warm so I spent most of the night like this. 

I made a salad and asian skillet meal for dinner. The asian skillet meal was a wild tree mix. I prefer just making my own with fresh veggies, but Wild Tree is a good option too. 

Porter was being a playful pup last night. The demon eyes the flash gives animals creeps me out.

He gets crazy and then just when he really gets annoying, he decides to be super cute. I can't ever be mad at this face!!  :)

How are you keeping busy during the winter?

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