Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1 Week Into the New Year

How is everyone doing with their New Year's Resolutions? I am terrible at dieting and tracking food. If I tell myself I can't have something, then it is all I want! This cold also makes me want to hibernate. Not a good combo! I have been working on the positivity though. I wore a bright shirt to help with the extreme cold yesterday. I think it helped.
Super blurry selfie at work
I did manage to make a healthy chicken pasta for dinner.  Tons of veggies over whole wheat rotini.  I cooked the veggies and chicken in smart balance since it is much lower in calories than butter or olive oil.  Then I added a little buffalo sauce for a kick.  Tossed in the pasta and ta-da.  Yummy pasta.  Boy approved as well!

After dinner we settled in on the couch to watch some tv.  We have been binge watching Dexter since we downloaded Netflix.  We are half way through our second season of catching up and it has been less than a

We also checked in on the National Championship.  It was a very exciting game!  Yay for FSU!!  I made some chai tea with Baileys and we all snuggled up to stay warm.  The puppy slept under my feet, cat on Bobby's lap, and my head on Bobby's arm.  Definitely a good way to end a cold monday!

Are you sticking to your New Year's Resolutions? 

How do you like to spend cold evenings?

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