Thursday, January 9, 2014

Giant diet coke before bed...good idea?

Last night was my first volleyball games in 2014.  I'm pretty sure that this is what I look like when I play! 

I play recreational volleyball indoors year round. My co-ed team was pretty rusty. One guy is coming off of ACL surgery, one guy hadn't played in a few years, and the rest of us have just had some time off. We ended up going 5-1 (the one being our first game). As much as I play, I should get better, but that is just not the case!  I lack coordination and skill. 

We saw kids running suicides (if you never did sports in school this is the torturous task of running to each line on the basketball court, touching it and running back to the baseline as fast as you can).  This got me thinking...I should do a fun gym workout-not necessarily including suicides since I think I would fall down!

My reward for 6 games of volleyball...a GIANT diet coke at 10pm.  Not the best idea when you plan to head to bed at 11, but it was delicious!

Now for the healthy section of this blog post...   Lunch yesterday=1 small can of chunk light tuna, 1 hard boiled egg, 1/2 of a small avocado over a bed of lettuce with a little bit of low fat "ranch dressing".  I mix low fat sour cream with ranch dip mix and use that as dressing and to dip veggies in for a snack all week.  2 tablespoons of the sour cream is only 40 calories and I add another 10 for the ranch mix when I track in MyFitnessPal.  Yummy and filling!!

Do you still play recreational sports as an adult?

What is your go to reward?

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