Thursday, January 2, 2014

I hope everyone recovered well...

It's never fun to go back to work after a holiday in the middle of the week. I think a lot of people are smart and take vacation until next week. I am not one of the smart people. I'm stuck at work, but on the up side...I feel pretty good.  I didn't get too drunk on New Year's Eve, so Bobby and I were productive yesterday. 

Cozy in my cubicle...
 I had a closet where stuff just got put and it was really messy and junky.  We cleaned it out completely yesterday.  Having things clean and organized makes me happy!!  And probably a little OCD.  We also took down all of the Christmas decorations and put them away.  I'm always sad to take them down, but this year I was a little excited.  Our place just felt cluttered with all of the stuff.  I am definitely OCD. 

Today is the day that I start the wedding diet/exercise plan.  I know I have 10 months, but I need to get back to tracking what I eat and calories I burn.  I really never diet, but I do count calories so I am aware of what I am taking in.  When I don't do that, I can go a little crazy...aka...gaining 5 pounds from mid-November through year end.  Whoopsy!!  It was fun while it lasted.  :) and I will become BFF's again.

This year's fitness goals:
1-Track miles run this year (thanks Hungry Runner Girl!!
2-Be lean and strong for the wedding
3-Run a PR half marathon

This year's life goals:
1-Last year my resolution was to do more for people.  I'm going to keep that every year.  It is fun to donate time and money, but actually doing more for people means getting involved personally.  Paying more attention to those close to you and helping out even if they don't know they need it.  It is easy to get wrapped up in our own stuff and forget about those around us.  I am totally guilty which is why this will always be on my resolution list!!
2-Be more positive.  Just in general.  I think positive people are happier and more pleasant to be I am going to try to be more positive. 

Random fun thing to brighten your day:

It's a puppy!!!!  Unfortunately shaped puppy, but adorable none the less...

Did you set fitness goals for this year?  What are they?

How are your New Year's Resolutions going so far?  Did you start yesterday or today?

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