Friday, January 3, 2014

Killer Pyramid Workout and Confessions of Bad TV!

I decided to do a home workout today.  I left work early for an appointment and didn't want to go back to the gym.  Plus, I recorded some girly tv shows and I wanted to watch them.  More on that later.  :)  The pyramid that I came up with is a higher intesity full body workout. Lots of jumping and plyometrics thrown in to get your heart rate up. Feel free to try it out!

I did the top to bottom and back up.  My legs and booty are feeling it!! I had some help with my ab workout. 

He went from supervising to participating. 

Then snuggles after I got done. 

Now for my confession. I love bad tv!! Fridays on TLC is full of bridal shows. This is what my DVR looks like. I might need an intervention!

What is your favorite bad tv show? One day I found a show called My Big Fat Gupsy Wedding-possibly the worst show I have ever watched and I couldn't change the channel!! 

Do you have a go to circuit workout? I like to change it up and keep it fresh. 

Happy Friday! It's the weekend!! 

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