Friday, January 24, 2014

Sticking with the theme...5 things Friday

I read quite a few blogs pretty much every day and I love to check out new blogs as well. I have noticed a trend today for 5 Things Friday posts. I decided to follow the crowd....

#1-This is what I came home to yesterday. I'm not sure how he decided that this would be a comfy way to be in his kennel for the afternoon, but I must be missing something. Weird puppy!!

#2-I found this wedding day arms workout.  I have been looking for a good routine for upper body.  I am really good at doing lower body workouts, but I usually just do pushups and dips for my arms and call it good.  One of my goals for the wedding is to tone up my arms.  I have never had very big or defined arms.  Just skinny and flabby...I think this will help me turn that around!

#3-The cat has decided that he likes me this week.  He started sitting behind me on the couch (probably so I will protect him) and he also will let me hold him.  It's only taken 4 years, but I think he finally likes me instead of just tolerating me!!

#4-Wedding jewelry arrived.  I LOVE it!  Thank you Etsy!!

#5-Did everyone see this?  Cookie Dough Oreos?!?!  OMG!  Yes please!

What are your 5 things for today?

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