Saturday, January 25, 2014

All About Food

Yesterday was all about trying new things for Restaurant Week. 

I met some girl friends for lunch at our normal Thursday happy hour place. We don't ever eat during happy hour, so it is fun to try their food. We shared apps and I ordered the food truck tacos. They were fried shrimp and pickled veggies. The tacos were just okay, but the cheesy rice was amazing!!

That night we went out to a place where I have never eaten. Since it is restaurant week, they have a set menu offering.  Of course we had cocktails! I had a Moscow Mule. The girly looking drinks that the boys are holding are really scotch drinks. Too manly for my taste! :)

The first course was to be shared with 2 people so each couple ordered a different appetizer. Trio of dips and a chicken flatbread. The second course was soup and salad. Then the entrees came. Steak, salmon, and pork shoulder....all delicious choices!!

We ate the dessert before I could take a picture. A delicious bread pudding and panna cotta. Yummy!

I'm heading out for a run soon to work off some of the amazing food. It's always worth it to run a little extra when there is delicious food and drinks involved!!

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