Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday. Just a few more hours and it is time for the weekend!! Today and tomorrow are supposed to be I am pumped to get in some good miles!

Here we go with 5 things:

#1-Tomorrow I am going to a shower for a 30-something woman and the theme is scrapbooking. I do not know how to scrapbook and I am not sure exactly how this will go. It's like arts and crafts for adults, but without wine!! I can't craft without WINE!!! It is kind of brilliant. Invite everyone to bring you gifts and to make a scrapbook for your wedding...hmmmm...if I thought I would ever finish a scrapbook, I might borrow this idea. (Sorry for the run-on sentence there. I got caught up in thought!)  Pretty sure this will be me!!

#2-I borrowed this one from Hungry Runner Girl.  She always finds the best stuff when it comes to candy/sweets!  How have I never seen these before?!!?

#3-I tried to be all domestic and make freezer meals this week.  I bought all of the stuff and got to work putting together 10 meals to be eaten whenever.  We tried the first one last night.  Buffalo chicken.  It was just okay.  I had high hopes for it because I LOVE buffalo wings, but these were just okay.  The recipe called for chicken, ranch mix, and Franks hot sauce...all things that I love!!  I think it probably needed some help from the garnish or to be served differently.  We made sandwiches with it on hoagies.  Next time I will use it to make loaded baked potatoes. 

I am hoping the other recipes are better!  I did a combo of some of the meals featured in this blog article:  and some of my own.  I love the ease of having pre-made and healthier meals.  Makes busy nights a breeze!!

#4-This video is garnering lots of attention and restores your faith in humanity!!  A Norwegian charity made an ad to see what people would do when they saw a freezing 11 year old without a coat.  It is heart warming to see people's reactions to the boy!

#5-These little candy hearts are wonderful! The future MIL got them for us in our little Valentine's packages. I picked out the yellow ones to devour because they taste like bananas!

Do you scrapbook?  Other crafts?  I have succeeded on several wine cork crafts, but most of the time I fail miserably!!

Have you tried freezer meals?  Please share your favorite recipes!!

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