Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

This Thursday I am throwing back to my 25th birthday. I was looking through my snapfish account and came across some classic pics from my 25th birthday. I was newly single and living downtown in a tiny apartment. I wanted to mope around at home, but my friends had other plans.

We met for some drinks and I ended up on stage in a contest.  Drinking beer out of a straw...I think I took 2nd or 3rd...which meant that I got a free shot.  Just what a birthday girl needs!!

Did I forget to mention it was from a guys lap??  You only turn 25 once right??

The rest of the night consisted of dancing.  I should note that I am a TERRIBLE dancer.  I try to avoid it now as much as possible, but when you are drinking a lot it seems like a good idea.

Cap it off with a bull ride and a cab home.  It was a great night of celebrating!!

Now my birthdays consist of nice dinners out and drinks at low key bars and the occasional float trip since I have a June birthday.  It is always fun to look back!!

What is your favorite birthday memory?  This is not my favorite, but it is a good one. 

Have you ever ridden a bull?  I think we were on it for 1.2 seconds.  Definitely not an 8 second ride!!

Just for fun...Hugs this Thursday!!  I couldn't resist...too cute!

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