Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Splashing Through the Snow

It was BEAUTIFUL outside yesterday. 60 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. I decided to hit the trail for a longer run so I could enjoy the weather.  Something about shorts, running shoes, and snow looks funny!!

A lot of the snow is melting, which makes for a messy run.  My shoes were soaked and muddy by the end of my run.  I got frustrated with having to slow down and run around puddles, so I changed up my workout.  The first 2 miles were not too wet and I could jump most of the puddles.  Then the next mile was terrible.

I decided to turn around and head back after mile 3 took me 9 minutes...which is over a minute per mile slower than my first 2 miles pace.  After I ran 30 minutes, I walked some to avoid the puddles and to make sure I didn't slip and fall (I am know to do that!).  Then I did 10 minutes of speed work and walked the rest of the way back as my cool down.  All in all, it was somewhere between 5-6 miles.  Plus, I got to enjoy the weather!! 

I got Porter a new bed on Monday and he loves it.  He looks like I felt after yesterdays run!!  Tonight, I am going to take the pup out for a run/walk after work.  I have volleyball games, so he gets stuck in his kennel again until Bobby can get home. 

Last night's dinner-pork chop, roasted corn, and baked beans.  It was delicious and super easy.  Trader Joe's has frozen roasted corn.  It is amazing in soups, enchiladas, or just as a side.  I add a little salt and fresh ground pepper and that's it to ours. 

What is your favorite vegetable?  Mine has to be corn-I love it no matter how it is cooked.  Or broccoli.  I could eat broccoli all the time!

Have you been running outside?  Do you have any tips for avoiding the puddles?  Or do you just splash through?  I did a combo of jumping them, running around in the mud, and splashing through yesterday.  It made for some dirty shoes!!

What is your favorite way to cross train?  Mine is volleyball.  In the spring-fall, I play sand and indoor.  Sometimes over-committing to too many leagues!!

Happy Wednesday!!!  I hope you have a fantastic day!

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