Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday can only mean one thing...

5 things Friday!! Happy Friday!!! Let's jump right in. 

#1- my new toy is all put together. Magnetic bike stand. It's awesome!! I really feel like I'm riding outside when I'm on it. It's a great way to get a good cardio workout inside. 

#2- Porter is very lucky that he's so darn cute. He decided to eat cat litter this morning. I wanted to kill him!! Then I remembered that I love him and that he's adorable. 

He likes to find sticks that are the same size as him when we go on walks. 

#3- our photographer for engagement pics is awesome!! This is how the cd was packaged. 

 And then when I opened it, I found this...

#4- sometimes I still eat like a college kid. This is what I'm making for lunch today. Grown ups can like ramen noodles too....right?!?

#5- The Bachelor is almost over. I must say that I can't wait for the "Women Tell All" episode. It should be crazy!!!  Also, I saw a TMZ article that Andi will be the next bachelorette. I thought I quit this franchise, but I'm sucked back in!!! 

What are your 5 things this Friday?

Do you still eat like you did in college?

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