Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday #2

Last time I did a "Things I Love Thursday" post, it was all about Pinterest. This time it will be more random.

#1-With Valentine's Day coming up tomorrow, I thought I would start with these 2 cuties....aka-my Valentines!  I woke up on Sunday morning and let the pup out. When he came back in, he immediately got back in bed to snuggle with Bobby. It was too cute not to capture!!

#2-This fella has been couped up too long. He needs to get outside for some exercise. Unfortunately for him, I am a big baby about the cold. We go outside and play if it is above freezing. If not, no such luck-we are stuck playing inside! He doesn't seem to mind, but I know he is going stir crazy!!  Truth be told, so am I.  I want to get outside and run!

#3-Diet coke is delicious after a hard workout.  I know I should be recovering with electrolytes and things like that, but after a hard workout or 2 games of volleyball diet coke just tastes delicious to me!

#4-Curling is the best winter Olympic sport!  It is so fascinating.  Cross between household chores and shuffleboard.  Who came up with this?  I like events that I think I could do.  Maybe not do well, but definitely better than I could do on the half pipe!! 


#5-I'm a total nerd.  I love spreadsheets-I have one for everything!!  My budget, savings plan, vacation planning, keeping track of donations, all things wedding, grocery list....the list goes on and on!!  I'm definitely a planner and organizer.  I need to find a way to translate these skills into something worth while and that I am passionate about. 

Those are my random things that I love for this Thursday.

What are 5 things you love?

What is something you are passionate about?  Have you turned it into a career or hobby?

Are you a planner or do you like to wing it and just go with the flow?

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