Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brooks on sale!!!

Thank you Hungry Runner Girl for the tip! These shoes are on sale for about $75! Check them out here.

I normally go with pink Mizuno's, but at $75 these are worth a try!  Plus HRG is super fast and inspiring and my running hero, so I might as well copy her!  :) 
Yesterday, I forced myself to run on the treadmill.  Getting to the gym is half the battle!!  I did a 5 mile progressive run.  I started at 7.2 mph and ended at 8.5 mph with a 1% incline the whole way.  It took me 39:30 in total.  I was dreading it, but felt really good once I was there. 

Then I went home to take the delicious roast beef out of the crockpot.  We made french dip sandwhiches for dinner last night.  Yummo!!  And we have leftovers, so that will be my dinner after volleyball tonight.

All in all, a pretty low key Tuesday night.  Dexter binge watching and snuggling with Bobby on the couch rounded out the evening.  Hopefully we will get a warm up so we can stop hibernating!!  Poor puppy is going stir crazy!

Do you have a favorite running shoe or brand?

Do you have a favorite treadmill workout?  I usually just get on the treadmill with a distance in mind and try to mix in speed and/or hills to make it more challenging and less monotonous. 

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