Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding update Wednesday

I managed to make it in to work today. There are only 2 of us here from my department, but I can't complain. It's nice to have some peace and quiet. Plus, I only live 1 mile from work and drive an SUV. I have no excuses. I think Kansas City ended up with over a foot of snow-at least that's what it seems like at my apartment.

Porter is loving the snow. He bounds around and is really adorable in the snow. All of this snow means that our engagement photos are a go for Saturday!! Yay!! I have been waiting for a good snow storm so we have the perfect backdrop. Here are some of my ideas (and by my ideas, I totally mean pinterest finds):

On a blanket with Starbucks coffee instead of coffee mugs though.

Because you have to have one cutesy shot

I just think it looks cool

We will end up having a snow fight anyway, so might as well use it for cute photos!!

In other wedding news, we started researching wedding hotels to block off and purchasing gifts for the bridal party and parents. Etsy has some amazing finds!!  I think I am addicted. 

We are registering at Sur la Table on Sunday.  They cook you breakfast and you get to register before the store opens on Sundays.  It seems like such a fun experience!!

Where is your dream place to register?  If you could have anything to complete your kitchen, what would it be and why?

What are you up to this Wednesday?

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