Saturday, March 29, 2014

April Cookbook Challenge

Carrots 'n Cake is hosting a cookbook challenge in April.  Head over here to check out all of the she is doing some giveaways! 

Per CNC: "It’s easy to join! Here’s how: Each week for the month of April, just pick at least one recipe from your cookbooks and make it. Simple as that. The goal of the challenge, of course, is to use your cookbooks as much as possible, so feel free to make more than one recipe! Actually, make a whole bunch!"

I am definitely joining in the challenge.  I am going to try for 2-3 recipes each week.  I think it will be fun!   Some of my favorite cookbooks that I own are:
Ellie Krieger-great healthy ideas

My Mom made this cookbook for me, my brother and sister one Christmas.  It has our favorite childhood recipes.  I love using it for inspiration.  Plus, there are some hilarious pictures of us as kids!!!
I also have one from my Grandma of all of her old recipes.  That will be a fun one to look through!  I haven't checked it out in years. :)

Will you joing the challenge?  Don't forget to go to Carrots 'n Cake to join! :) 

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