Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!! Even though I had a short work week, it seemed to take FOREVER! I'm so happy it is the weekend!

Let's get started.

#1-It's the fiance's birthday on Saturday, so we started the celebration by having a nice dinner just the 2 of us. We have plans this weekend, so we snuck in a little couple time last night. Michael Smith is a James Beard award winning chef with a creative and delicious menu. It did not disappoint.

We started with a smoked salmon wonton bite. Then I ordered this delicious menu:

I had never tried sea urchin. The spaghetti was so good! Instead of the strawberries, we had a pot de cocoa. It was amazing, but so rich. Bonus-Italian wines were half off!! We picked a great night to go!

#2-I also did a new to me workout from Chocolate Covered Race Medals blog post yesterday.  I think she found it on Pinterest and it is really from Blogilates.  I often find good workouts from them.  Some great barre stuff!!!  It was challenging and fun!  Who doesn't love round numbers when working out??

#3-There are rumors flying all around my workplace that they might be getting rid of our line of business.  This is crazy stressful and we are all just waiting on an announcement.  I'll be on pins and needles until we hear something certain!!  It is making it very hard to be productive and focus in the office.

#4-NCAA March Madness is still going strong.  My teams are all out, but a friend of mine bet on Dayton at 500 to 1 to win it all.  They are still in so Go Dayton!!!  That will be my cheer for the rest of the tourney!

#5-Self Magazine recently posted an article about "lame tutus" in races.  As it turns out, her company, Glam Runner, makes these tutus and gives proceeds to various charities.  Including one for brain cancer...which the girl has and the picture they were making fun of was from her first race after being diagnosed.  Way to go Self Magazine!!  Apparently they issued an apology...maybe next time, just don't make fun of people who are out there being active and having fun!!

This girl is an inspiration and did not deserve being made fun the butt of a joke.  The upside is that the backlash has sent her tutu sales through the roof!  I personally think they are adorable and you should run in them if it makes you happy!

Those are my 5 things this Friday.

Do you still have a team in the NCAA tourney?

Do you like to run in costume or are you a traditional outfit kinda person?  I'm boring, but I love seeing people in costumes!

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