Thursday, March 27, 2014

Finding Balance

I have been a terrible blogger since I went on vacation last week. I got swamped at work when I came back and my scheduled posts didn't go up as planned. So, I appologize for late posts, no posts, and probably sub par posts as well. :)  I will try to do better!!

Today I want to talk about life balance.  How do you balance your healthy lifestyle?  Living a balanced life to me is about finding a way to be happy with your life and still be healthy for the most part.  I go out with friends, go on girls trips and other vacations, drink (probably too much) and eat (probably more/worse than I should).  I try to balance this by being active at least 5 days a week and eating home cooked healthier meals most days during the week.  Weekends are a whole 'nother story!  ;) 

Another part of balance is work/life/spiritual balance.  I try not to stress about work-I don't love my job, but the perks make it worth it.  Having a flexible boss means everything!  I struggle with not saying no to activities.  (Anyone else?!?!?)  I end up playing in too many volleyball leagues and going out too much at times.  This is fun for awhile, but I usually end up run down and burned out after awhile.  Must learn to say No!!  I don't talk about it much, but God and church are a big part of my life.  My fiance is a preacher's kid, so we attend his dad's church.  It is a great place to worship and praise.  There is always room for improvement in your spiritual journey (no matter what it may be). 

When doing a little research, I found this great blog post from Little Miss Runshine that has great tips!

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