Saturday, March 8, 2014

Does this happen to you?

Yesterday was gorgeous out! Almost 60 degrees meant that I did my long run after work. I'm not quite in running shape, but I needed to get in 8 for the run. I managed to complete the task and felt tired right after I finished. 

Lots of sweat, but happy I finished. About an hour later, we were heading to meet friends for dinner. I started to feel sick. Nauseous to be exact. I could not shake it all night. I drank water and tried to eat. I ate some edamame and felt a little better so I had a beer. Sushi arrived and instead of the normal post run starving, I are 5 pieces and was stuffed!! 

It took about 4 hours to finally shake it. 

Today we decided to hit the gym for a full body strength workout. I wore my new sweat pink tank. So I got to look cute while I pumped some iron!!

Cute workout clothes!! #100HappyDays

Have you ever felt sick after a run or workout? I have many times, but not usually a delay!! I must be further out of shape than I thought!

What is your favorite piece of workout clothing?

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