Sunday, March 30, 2014

Enjoying the 75 degree day!!

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day!! Sunny and 75 degrees. Sundays are my rest day from working out, we decided to hit the driving range. Bobby got some new clubs yesterday, so he was itching to try them out. 

This is going to be the year that I get better at golf!! I say this every year, but this year is going to be my year. I can feel it. Plus, I'm already off to an early start!!

I sucked it up today, but I did find a sweatshirt that I thought was lost forever. Jackpot!!

After our golf outing, we ran some errands and then came home to take the pup out for a walk. We drove to the park so he could play before we hit the trail for 2 miles. He was worn out after!!

I was too. I took a little nap. (2 naps in 1 weekend!!!)  Then made Cajun Chicken Pasta for dinner. 

Veggies (I used onion, bell pepper, and corn, but you can use any veggies) and chicken in the skillet...

I made a sauce with chicken broth, hot rotel, sour cream, and cajun seasoning. Added in rotini and ta-da...

It ended up being super spicy, but delicious!!!

Happy Monday!!

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