Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Is it just me or is this week crawling? Getting into bed last night, I couldn't figure out if it was Monday or Tuesday. Very disappointed to find out that I only made it through one day this week!!!

At least it is one of the best today. Treat yourself Tuesday is always a great day!!! Head over to Olives 'n Wine to check out all the details. 

Since it was the fiancĂ©'s birthday this weekend, most treats were spent on him. This weeks treats have been mostly about enjoying the spring weather. 

#1- hitting the driving range

#2- lot of walks with the pup

#3- taking in the spring sights...like tree getting buds!! Sometimes it's the little things!!

#4- wearing spring colors. Yesterday was a coral scarf with matching nail polish. 

#5- I am planning to relax on Friday. No official plans...just want to make some homemade pizzas and watch movies on the couch. Definitely a treat night!!!

How did/will you treat yourself this week?

Did you watch the How I Met Your Mother finale? Thoughts? I am not going to spoil it, but I liked it!! Not what I expected, but overall a good end to a great show!!

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