Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Things Friday-KC Edition

This Friday I am doing a Kansas City edition. If you are ever in Kansas City, here are some of my favorite spots and activities!!

Top 5 Local Restaurants-This one was hard.  I love so many restaurants around town for various reasons. 
Rye-A twist on comfort food.  Their shrimp and grits with pulled pork is amazing!!

Oklahoma Joes-you can't beat barbecue in a gas station!!  This joint is famous across the country for their delicious barbecue.

Cafe Trio-upscale and trendy fun spot with amazing food.

BRGR-if you want a good burger, this is the place to go.  I love their traditional burger, but they have the best salmon burger that I have ever eaten.

Tannin Wine Bar-good food, great wine, and close to lots of fun spots!

Top 5 Free Activities
Nelson Atkins Museum-free and fun to walk around and see the changing exhibits

Running on the various trails-the trail system is great around town.  There are so many choices and you can always find friendly faces out running, biking, walking, etc.  One of my favorite photo collages from a recovery run in the fall.

Botanical Gardens-the first time I visited was for my 30th birthday.  It is fun to walk around the gardens and venture off to "hike" as well.

Farmer's Market (sort of free-I always buy something!!)-I love going to the farmer's market from spring through fall.  It is a great way to walk around after a run.

Walking around the Country Club Plaza (also, sort of free---there is shopping, so you can choose to spend $$)

Favorite Sporting Events:
There are several sports teams and events around town.  In 2012, we even got the MLB All Star game.  I got to go to the celebrity game.  It was a great time!

The Chiefs and Royals are the biggest pro teams around and my personal favorites. 

Sporting KC is becoming a big deal in the soccer world.  I am not a huge soccer fan, but the games are fun to attend.  The atmosphere is amazing!!
The Big 12 basketball tournaments are here each year as well.  The Sprint Center is located right next to a fun bar area, so they have pep rally's and fun activities all weekend!

I don't know anything about NASCAR, but I know we have a track here.  It's called the Kansas Speedway.  I did a bike race there a couple of times.  It is a cool place, but I don't think I will ever attend a NASCAR event.

Have you ever been to Kansas City?  What was your favorite thing to do/see/eat/drink?

What are some of your favorite things about your town?

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