Monday, March 10, 2014

Motivating Monday

My neighbor and friend moved into a new apartment this weekend. It is just down the street so I went by last night for wine and helping unpack.

We ended up drinking more than unpacking, but it was a great night. When I woke up, I had a great and motivating text waiting for me!!

Day #6-#100HappyDays

It is always motivating to have a running partner!! The amazing weather today didn't hurt either. 

It was too nice out to stay at work. I cut out a little before 4:30. I took pup for a mile and a half walk so he could enjoy the nice day too. He is getting so much better at leash training!! 

After our walk, my friend and I set out for a nice run. We didn't have a plan on distance or how long we wanted to run so we took it slower and chatted. We ended up running a little over 4.5 miles. 

I snapped a picture of the beautiful sunset as I was winding down on the porch. It looks and feels like spring is coming!!!  Yippeeeeeee!!!

What motivated you to workout today?

What is your favorite season? Mine is fall, but spring is a close 2nd. 

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