Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday

It is Tuesday, so that means it is time to treat yourself and look back on all of the ways that you have treated yourself over the past week.  In case you missed it, head over to Olives n Wine for all of the details on Treat Yourself Tuesday.

Treats this week:

#1-Saturday I went to the gym and did a full body weight workout with Bobby.  This was a treat because we rarely workout together and I rarely do strength workouts.  I do high intensity body weight workouts, but nothing requiring weights.  It was a great workout and I was definitely sore from it.  I think I might try to mix in more weights...gotta get wedding ready!!!

#2-Wine and chatting with my friend on Sunday night.  When I lived with 2 girl roommates, we would stay up and drink wine and chat at least once or twice a week.  I have not have a night where I stay up too late drinking wine for a long time.  I missed it!!  It may have made me a little tired and sluggish yesterday, but it was worth it.  Wine and good friends always are!!

#3-Ice Cream last night.  We picked up some "artisan ice cream" from a local shop over the weekend.  We decided to have a little for dessert last night.  Peanut Butter Chocolate is always a good combo!!

Day #7-#100HappyDays

#4-Porch sitting.  We have a porch glider that does not get enough use.  Bobby's grandparents had it on their porch since he and his sister were kids.  When they moved to a new home, we inherited the glider.  Tonight I plan to enjoy some relaxing time on the patio after my run. 

This week I tried to focus on treating myself without spending money and taking advantage of the ways that you can treat yourself with what you already have around you. 

How will you treat yourself this week?

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