Sunday, May 4, 2014

Busy busy weekend!!

This weekend was crazy busy! I finally get to sit down to relax!!!  

Friday night, I went out with some girlfriends to see Chelsea Handler. We grabbed some dinner on a patio. This guy went running by in his cape!! Why doesn't everyone run in a cape??

Apparently every Chuy's has an Elvis. So we stopped for a quick pic. 

Off to Chelsea...I couldn't get a good photo of her. 

Our seats were great!! 8 rows from the stage. 

So much fun!!! Hilarious show!!

Saturday morning I went for a shorter run. 4.5 miles. I wanted to go further, but I didn't have quite enough energy for 9 miles. Did anyone else experience this in 24DC? I'm not tired during the day, but I didn't have the energy for a long run. I did see this beautiful fountain.

I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my KC girls. Bella Bridesmaid has so many choices!!  These are the colors they chose. Not the dresses-I don't want to give too much away. ;)

We grabbed some lunch at a local place called Pig and Finch. They have a great patio and delicious food!!!  I knew I was having salad for dinner, so I ordered salmon in parchment paper. It was amazing!

Saturday night was date night. We had dinner reservations at another local place called Urban Table. Farm to table fresh food. Bobby was not happy about picture time. 

He got over it. 

I did have a couple of cocktails.  Gin with cucumber and Bobby had a pamajito (pomegranate mojito). Both were delicious and not 24DC approved, but I figure it's okay as long as I keep with the diet and restrict the drinks to a minimum. 

We had some fresh hummus (pita for him and cucumber for me). I had a great salad too, but no picture. I was hungry so I dove in!!

Church and family time Sunday morning. The boys found a new toy. They were pretty funny!!

Then a group of friends met at the driving range. 

I'm still terrible, but I guess that means I can only get better!! Practice, practice, practice!

Volleyball scrimmage, cooking dinner, and laundry rounded out my night. I'm exhausted, but in a great way!!! What a fantastic weekend!!

How was your weekend?

Do you golf? 

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