Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! I'm linking up with Katy over at Running4Cupcakes for another Friday favorites!!

Favorite eats: Most of my faves this week are food related. :) 

I'm loving all of the healthy and delicious foods that I have been eating lately. I discovered Trader Joe's simmer curry sauce. Clean and delicious. Plus, it is so easy!!

Watermelon is in season and tastes wonderful!! It feels like summer!

Vitamin Water Zero- I only like the lemonade flavor. It is a nice change from plain water. 

I made this dish to add to salads, eat as a side or just a meal by itself. Brown rice, edamame, roasted corn, onions, bell pepper, jalapeƱo, cilantro and lime juice. So easy and so fresh!!  Today I added it to my salad greens, grilled chicken, with salsa as my dressing. 

Favorite workout: Thursday night I did a quick HIIT workout before riding my bike for 30 minutes. The high intensity plyos were just what I needed to burn off a bad day!!

Favorite activities:
The Other Woman was a funny movie. Def a girls night out movie!! 

I'm also loving puppy snuggles. He still TOTALLY fits in my lap!!

Tonight I'm seeing Chelsea Handler with some girlfriends. I'm so excited. It's an outdoor venue and the weather is fantastic! 


  1. Your salad looks so good! I love adding edamame and cilantro to mine too!

    Have fun at Chelsea!!

  2. totally getting that curry sauce when I go to TJs this weekend!! Thanks for linking up!!