Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday before a long weekend!!! I'm so ready for a long relaxing weekend. I'm heading to the lake tomorrow after my run for some fun in the sun.

It's time for Friday Favorites and Five Things Friday. I'm linking up with Katie for Friday Favorites and Clare for Five Things Friday.

#1-I found this awesome wine steaks on Pinterest from

#2-The Bachelorette started back up. I liked Andy a lot on Juan Pablo's season, so I'm giving it a chance. So far, it's pretty good. The guys are funny!

#3-We found this hilarious album when shopping for furniture in Bobby's parents basement. It is so fun to go through old stuff! 

#4-Today is the last day of my 24 Day Challenge!! I'm so excited to see results tomorrow. 

#5-Check out these amazing ideas...

Drones delivering champs-yes please!

Cooler scooter...brilliant!

Do you have fun plans for Memorial Day Weekend?


  1. I saw similar wine glass holders for the patio at an Art Fair last weekend! I want one! :) Happy Friday, and Memorial Day Weekend... thanks for linking up!

    1. Good call on the art fair. I'll have to keep my eye out when I visit a couple this summer!

  2. Can't wait to hear how the challenge went!!