Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

It's almost summer and life gets super busy!! Here are 5 ways to spring clean your life and set you up to have a great summer.

#1-tighten up your workout regimen. Ramp up your workouts in the mornings  so you are already in a groove when summer comes around and it gets hot in the evenings-social life and temperature wise!

#2-sign up for fun leagues. Sand volleyball, softball, golf, kick ball...whatever you're into. Joining a league is an amazing way to meet people and bring in extra exercise in a fun way!!

#3-take advantage of the amazing fruits and vegetables that are in season. Support your local farmers when possible by hitting up a farmers market or even grow your own!!

#4-plan patio dates and cookouts with your friends. Nothing is more fun than catching up with friends and enjoying the outdoors at the same time! 

#5-don't stress over bikini season. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence! It's great to try to improve yourself as long as you're going abou it the right way. No starving and deprivation needed-we don't want any hangry beach goers! :)

How do you get ready for summer?

Bonus: Overland Park Farmers Market put this guide together for what is in season from spring to fall. I wanted to share with all of you guys. 


  1. LOVE the farmers markets in the summer time!! I need to actually GET there now! Used to play sand volleyball the last 2 summers, but I probably won't this year since I want to make sure i'm focused on marathon training and I don't want to commit to TOO was such a blast though!

    1. Marathon training is no joke! Good luck girl!! Focusing on that is definitely the way to go. :)