Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekly Workouts

I haven't done a weekly workout check in for a little while.  Last week was a taper week, so there is not much to tell there.  This week has been better and more interesting.

Saturday: Half Marathon-if you missed the recap, check it out here and on the Race Recap tab.  Driving range to hit some golf balls-not a lot of exercise, but it still takes some effort to swing a club. :)

Sunday: Bright and early for pool play for a volleyball tournament.  Luckily we won fairly easily, so I didn't have to work too hard on tired legs.  After pool play, I came home and took Porter out for a mile and a half walk.  I did some yoga and stretching on Sunday night to loosen up my stiff and sore muscles.  It really is helping...especially when I have my own helper making sure I do things right!

Monday: Continuation of the volleyball tourney.  It was an 8 team single elimination bracket.  We had to win 2 out of 3 games with rally scoring to 25.  The competition was tough!!!  We won our first 2 games to advance to the next round where we met the team that eventually won the tournament.  Close games, but we lost and ended up playing for 3rd place.  We beat the other team and took Bronze.  Not a bad Monday night!!!

Tuesday: I went to the chiropractor and he said that my back looked good-especially after a lot of activity.  So after a quick adjustment, I have graduated to weekly appointments and hopefully soon-monthly!  Yay!!  After my adjustment, I went for a shake out run-well....that's what I planned anyway.  I started out at 7:45 pace for the first mile, dropped to 7:35 for the second mile and realized that my legs are def tired during the 3rd mile where I ran 7:55.  Those are fast miles for me!  I had to stop a couple of times in the last mile.  I came home and took Porter for a mile walk-it was a little too hot for a pup to run. 

Wednesday: I did a little yoga this morning to wake up.  Tonight I am going to go on an easy run after work.  3-5 miles depending on how I feel and then take the pup out for a 2 mile run/walk.  It is still warm, so we will see how he does. 

Thursday: 30 minute bike ride + HIIT workout-->probably this one that I found on Pinterest

Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Long run of 6-8 miles
Sunday: Rest day

What are you workouts this week?  Do you have any upcoming races?


  1. we are totally going to be long run buddies on Saturday! :) I am doing the same distance of somewhere between 6-8 miles.

    1. Yay! That will help make sure I don't wimp out and shorten my run! :)